Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Forecast

Ah, it's that time of year again. Time for magazines to do their annual end-of-the-year editions including this year's huge "In Memoriam" section, along with other yearly highlights (Including "2009: A year in Kate Gosselin's hair DON'Ts.") Champagne and lobster tails are on sale at the grocery store, and 20-somethings across the nation are buying Pepto and Alka-seltzer in preparations for the inevitable aftermath of New Year's Eve (See: Hangover.) People are undoubtably saying "Gosh, I can't believe it's 2010 already," the same way they said "Gosh, I can't believe it's 1980 already," and while of course there is a general sentiment of starting over and new beginnings in the air, it's just the same old thing, isn't it?

But I guess it's only natural to go through with these rituals. Despite the fact that you are virtually the same person on December 31, 2009 as you are on January 1, 2010, there's no denying the feeling that everyone gets a clean state to start over. (I imagine the sales of diet foods and gym memberships skyrocket around this time of year.) And I'll also have to admit that there is something cathartic about reminiscing the past year as a whole. We rarely take this opportunity to harshly criticize the bad decisions of the year, but to instead promise to reconcile them for the next one. And, for our sanity, it's important to look at our accomplishments, however small they may seem.

As for my accomplishments? They were small, but to me, very important. And I refuse to list them on my blog (That seems a bit narcissistic, right? And by having a blog in the first place I'm a bit of a narcissist, so I'll draw the line there.) As for my mistakes, oh I've made plenty, but I'd like to think I've learned from them.

What I would like to share are my goals for next year. (I've found that when you share goals with your friends, you are more likely to see them through, so here goes.) I'm not going to bore you with the typical resolutions: eat healthy, work out more, spend less, read more, start an herb garden in the backyard, blah, blah, blah. This year, I'm actually excited about my resolution. It's more of a project, really. It's loosely inspired by The Julie and Julia Project, in which Julie Powell decided to cook every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume I in a year. That goal was far loftier than mine ( In fact it was too lofty for Powell herself, seeing as she didn't finish on time, which the film version of the book glaringly left out.)

My 2010 project has nothing to do with cooking. It was sort of due to the fact that, as a cinema major, I have yet to see a lot of movies that you're "supposed" to see. Not that these movies are on a syllabus anywhere, but they're the movies that when you tell someone you haven't seen it they respond with some exaggerated hang gesture, perhaps slapping their hand on their forehead, and gasp "how have you NOT seen that?!" Often times having not seen a movie that someone else deems is a "must see" can be as offensive to this person as calling their mother a hairy-back-mary, or anything else equally off-putting. I know I am guilty of having these reactions too, but I think it's impossible to have seen every movie. Right? Maybe I'm being too defensive, because people tend to give me a hard time about this, but I mean, I am a busy girl with lots or important things and duties and responsibilities and how the hell am I supposed to see all of those movies?

Oh wait... Enter 2010 New Year's resolution...

(Drumroll please.)

I plan to watch all of AFI's top 100 films, and blog about them in one year. That's roughly 2 films a week, which may not seem like a huge commitment, but add that to a full course load, a part time job, a social life and the fact that I want to see all the Oscar nominated films too, and it's a pretty daunting task. But it's a task I'm excited about! I love film, and though I doubt I'll love every film on that list, I'm sure I'll appreciate them in one way or another. I'd also like to clarify something: I in no way think AFI is the end-all and be-all of film lists, but you'd be crazy to deny the fact that it is a pretty solid list.

Well, I hope 2009 has been good to you, and that 2010 is even better. Thanks for supporting this little blog of mine and well, I guess there's nothing left to say but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Here is one of my favorite clips from one of my favorite movies. I always get a Nora Ephron/Rob Reiner hankering around New Year's...

Here is the AFI Top 100 list if you want to check it out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

FINALS a.k.a. what has been ruling my life for the past three weeks.

Oh me, oh my!

I've been so busy and haven't been blogging. I had tons of ideas for fun posts, just not the time or energy to put them together. However, I have almost three weeks off of work and school starting tomorrow and I will surely make up for lost time. Don't give up on me just yet!

And believe me, 2010 has some interesting projects awaiting. Hope you have all survived finals and/or holiday madness!

...And do I ever post without accompaniment?

Here is easily one of the coolest holiday covers I've ever heard. It's Beck's side project "Record Club" featuring Feist, Wilco, among others covering Skip Spence's "Little Hands."

Enjoy and you'll be hearing more from me very soon :)


Record Club: Skip Spence "Little Hands" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Music To My Ears

My brother,  Sean, always told me that music was most influential in his life during his college years. He specifically mentioned the Smashing Pumpkin's album Siamese Dream, which he happened to give me right before I myself flew the nest. (Sorry if that reference dates you, Bro.)

I've always loved music, and there were definitely moments in high school where I would listen to Sigur Ros alone in a car in the rain and begin to ask myself questions like "What does it all mean?!" So whether or not I was affected by music was never a question, but how I came across music, well that's different.

As of yet, my musical education has been predominately been courtesy of Sean. (Although Christine and Ryan have made their substantial contributions as well. Ry got me into Pandora and Chris introduced me to the band Keane, to name a few.)

But Sean has done a lot that has drastically shaped my musical inclinations. Before I started my freshman year in High School he made me a mix (one of many to come.) It had The Thrills, Bill Withers, Gomez, Modest Mouse, The White Stripes and the Pixies on it. I distinctly remember sitting in the passenger seat of his old explorer when he said "The Pixies are old school. If you walk in there on your first day knowing the Pixies, you'll impress some people." (The notion of pop-culture knowledge being of any importance is very big in my family and subsequently the friends I now surround myself with, and it might have something to do with the fact that I much prefer the pink triangles in Trivial Pursuit to the green ones, and that I write a pop-culture-obsessed blog.) When I got my first iPod he made a 7-disc mix for me. It had a little bit of everything. A musical starter kit, if you will. Through out the next four years I started developing my own tastes and continued taking recommendations from Sean, and later my best friend Lauren. The two of them encouraged me to play the guitar and explore singing, which added a whole new connection to music for me.

My junior and senior year of high school I looked forward to finding music that would impress my brother as much as it impressed me. His birthday gifts from me for the last few years have been mixes, that I can safely say have improved with each year as my ear for music has matured. Actually, if we're being honest, I wanted him to like the mixes, but also to stump him on the artists and/or find obscure tracks. I haven't been entirely successful there, but I get closer and closer every year, and his birthday is coming up so we'll see what happens in November!

Now that I'm on my own, I continue to take recommendation from friends, but I am a lot more proactive on the music front. I guess the internet as a whole plays an enormous part in that. Between Twitter's #musicmonday, Myspace Music, Imeem, Lastfm, Hype Machine, Pandora, and postings on other blogs and facebook, I feel like I have all the music I could ever want at my fingertips.

It's only now dawning on me that perhaps my time for influential music has come, considering the majority of my blog posts have been music related. And the fact that I am just about always listening to music when I'm at home.

So after reading all of that I suppose you might deserve a little multi-media goodness, no?

My newest music/blog obsession would have to be the take away shows from La Blogotheque. French filmmaker Vincent Moon started filming the take away shows back in 2006 and now has over 90 of them. They're single take guerrilla-filmmaking style live shows with indie artists. They're usually shot in public (on a train, in a cafe, in a park, etc) and have an element of improvisation to them.

I like this premise for so many reasons. I love live recordings and the authentic, gritty sound of these acoustic shows. You also get to see these artists form a different perspective. Not as the the super-produced, glorified rock stars, but as street musicians- traveling troubadours connecting with the people as they take their music up and down the street, in and out of cafes and corner markets, and finally to some scenic spot on a bench in a park.

I also really like watching the reactions of the onlookers. You'd think they'd be more confused or perhaps off-put by this artistic intrusion into their daily routine, but overwhelmingly these people are  pleased to partake in the shows. And more often than not, these people are not the artist's typical fan demographic, but it doesn't seem to matter. People can't help but be affected by music. I only wish I could have seen one of these live shows!

Here are a few of my favorites, but there are many more on the site including Beirut, R.E.M, The Spinto Band, Lykke Li, Bon Iver, The Department of Eagles, Sufjan Stevens, Cold War Kids and Fleet Foxes among others.

Grizzly Bear "The Knife"

This a capella version is so fun to watch. It's drastically different to the recorded version and you get a real sense that the grizz guys, apart from being tremendously talented, are cool dudes. And they are walking through the streets of Paris, beers in hand, harmonizing. How could you not like them?

Delta Spirit "Trashcan" and "People C'mon"

Delta Spirit - Trashcan from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.
I love this because it is shot on the Powell-Market Cable Car here in SF! There is so much emotion in this guys voice. What I would have done to be on this trolley ride.

Bowerbirds "Bur Oak"

Sean introduced me to this band recently, and I was delighted to see that they had a take away show!! I love the interaction with the on-lookers at the end.

The Shins "Gone for Good" and "Turn on Me"

I love, love LOVE this one. These guys are amazing.

This was kind of an intense post, but I hope you made it out alright. Thanks for all the continued support. Now go do yourself a favor and listen to some of the amazing music this world has to offer!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cover Girl

One of my Dad's favorite maxims was "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Generally, I agree, but when it comes to music, I think there are many opportunities to "fix" said unbroken things, or rather to cover an already great song. My one condition is that the cover is a fresh new take on an old favorite. I recently heard a cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" that knocked my socks off and it inspired me to compile a list of favorite covers.

1. "Single Ladies"
OG Artist: Beyonce
Cover Artist: Pomplamoose

This cover is so inventive! I love the clapping and harmonies. It's a darker take on it, and just wait for the bridge, it's priceless.
(If you like this check out their other songs. "Beat the Horse" and "Expiration Date" are really solid tunes.)

2."Too Little Too Late"
OG: Jojo
Cover: Grizzly Bear

This song is almost unrecognizable. It's such a departure from the original, in a good way. Jojo delivers a guilty pleasure caliber pop song, and the Grizzly guys turn it into a moody indie jam.

3. "Cry Me A River"
OG: Justin Timberlake
Cover: Glenn Hansard

I will forever love the original version of this song, but Hansards version is grittier and I almost always prefer acoustic to a highly produced track.

4."Be My Baby"
OG: The Ronnettes

Cover: Travis

This song is especially important to me because it was written by the late legend, and close family friend, Ellie Greenwich. Travis slowed it down, but it's original message is still very clear. I think Aunt Ellie, of all people, would appreciate the contemporary spin her beloved oldie. And you gotta love the wah peddle action.

5. "Boyz In Da Hood"
OG: Eazy-E
Cover: The Dynamite Hack

OK, so maybe I don't love the original, but the cover is just hysterical. It's a mellow acoustic cover of a very violent rap song. It might not be a song I listen to all the time, but it's fun every now and then to blast this in the car with the windows down... or on second thought, maybe those windows ought to stay rolled up. 

6. "Toxic"
OG: Britney Spears
Cover: Yael Naim

I totally loved this song when it first came out. It's fun to dance or work out to, but Yael Naim (a French-Israeli singer/songwriter most famously known in the US for her sweet song "New Soul") gives this an edgy, sultry flare. I didn't think a cover of this song could be that good, but this one is.

7."Naive Melody" (This Must Be The Place)
OG: Talking Heads
Cover: Arcade Fire

This is a perfect example of how a cover can not only be a reinvention of a great song, but an homage to the original artists. Bands like the Talking Heads helped pave the way for bands like Arcade Fire, and there is no better way to say thanks than this.

8. "I'm on Fire"
OG: Bruce Springsteen
Cover: Bat For Lashes

Talk about different ends of the musical spectrum! Both versions are fantastic and so different, as are the artist who sing them.

9. "Inside and Out"
OG: The Bee Gees

Cover: Feist

I love both of these, but my undying love for all things Feist might make me a little biased on this one. Instead of throwing away the 70s disco vibe of this song entirely, she makes it her own without losing the integrity of the original version.

10. "Crazy"
OG: Gnarls Barkley

Cover: Ray Lamontagne

I was obsessed with this song when it first came out. Then I heard Lamontagne's cover and immediately learned how to play it on the guitar, and proceeded to play it nonstop.

"Don't Stop Believing"
OG: Journey
Cover Artists: The cast of "Glee"
If you aren't on the "Glee" bandwagon yet, hop the f on. Like now. It's so fun and all of the episodes can be found here. This cover is awesome. End of story.

Hope you enjoy!! Until next time...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is a "what up-date" !!!

I know, I know. I owe you some sort of explanation for my extended blog-absence. It's a combination of being really busy, and uninspired when it comes to this little endeavor. It's a shame too, because this last month has surely had some blog worthy experiences. To make up for my sporadic blogging I'm going to do a top ten favorite moments of SF summer '09.

10. True Blood
Apart from sunshine and sleeping in, True Blood was the summer perk I was most looking forward to. This season was such a fantastic follow-up to last year, and I was never disappointed, no matter how crazy it got.  I think they even did a great job setting up the conflicts for next season! (Fangers 2010!!)
9. movies, music, books, TV
This summer has given me a chance to really sink my teeth into some great stuff. Music-wise I got really into Fiona Apple, Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles and MGMT. As for TV it was all about Weeds, Party Down, and Arrested Development. Books: 1/2 of Omnivore's Dilemma (I'm working on it!) and I re-read Me Talk Pretty One Day and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. And last but CERTAINLY not least are movies!! Since my recent passion has been for film, I made a real effort to watch tons of movies this summer. (What a chore, right?) So between my ever-growing netflix queue and the many great movies that came out this summer, I am making a mini list within this list of fave movies of the season. Here they are in no particular order:
  • Inglorious Basterds
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • Food, Inc.
  • Moon
  • Annie Hall
  • You Can Count on Me
  • Ghost World
  • Punch Drunk Love
  • Raising Victor Vargas
  • High Fidelity
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Deliver Us From Evil
  • Barton Fink
  • The Informant!
  • Funny People
8. Exploring the city
I have been able to see so much of the city this summer. From the mission (my absolute fav neighborhood) to the Castro, North Beach, Lower Haight, the Inner Sunset, the Fillmore and SOMA. I must say though, the ultimate spot on a nice day is Dolores Park. You can stop at Bi-Rite market and get picnic food, or grab a burrito and some cervezas and camp out on the giant lawn with the other hip kids. There are always people playing music and throwing a frisbee around with their dogs. To top it all off there is a killer view of downtown. Aces all around.

7. Gay Pride
What a weekend that was! Between Pink Saturday (The no holds barred street party at Castro) to the parade itself (Dowtown from the Embarcadero to Civic Center along Market street) it was nonstop fun. Although, I must say that it was not just a crazy party, it was a salute to an amazing community that is so loved in this city.  It was a wonderful celebration, fun at times, and truly moving at others.

6. Coffee
You might be thinking, why is coffee, of all things, on this list? Well, not only has coffee been a welcome addition to my life since high school, but it has been crucial to my ability to function in college. Over the summer however, I was able to gain a new appreciation for coffee. I was introduced to some of the city's best (albeit a little snobby) coffee, and I am in the process of learning how to make it really well. I can make a foam heart about 12% of the time. (I'm looking to get that number wayyy up.) And, just for the record, I call cappuccinos "caps" now. It's an industry term...

5. Vegetarianism
For the last few years I've gone back and forth with vegetarianism. I did vegan for a few days, and said "no" to red meat for a couple of months. I love vegetables and tofu, and I always thought I could do it, but always fell off the wagon. Until I saw Food, Inc. that is. So here is my veggie mantra:

"I maintain that meat is delicious. I love fried chicken, lamb gyros, pork chops, carne asada, and while I've never had duck l'orange, I'm sure it's great too. That being said, the meat industry in the US is totally f*cked up. In every way. Until that changes, I'll pass on ass (more commonly known as rump roast) and start chopping brocco-li... I'm chopping broccoli... chopping... uhh...broccoli."

4. writing
I have been (rather sporadically I admit) blogging, moleskin journal-ing during my commute, and have made a hefty dent in a screenplay I'm working on with a friend of mine. We're about 50 pages in. It's very promising. If we ever finish it, that is... I really like writing. I don't know what exactly I want to do with my life in regards to a career, but I sure hope writing is a part of it. It's too fun and fulfilling not to pursue somehow.
3. Employment!!
I have loved working this summer. I've been able to put away some cash and met some really great people. I've learned a lot about what I can do when I really push myself and commit, and I've gained so much experience wise. I am also very aware of how tough it is to get a job in this market. I count my lucky stars that things worked out so serendipitously for me.
2. new friends
The toughest lesson of last semester was that it isn't easy to make friends. I was so spoiled in high school. It was so small. We were all so alike. It was beyond easy to connect a with people. But in a big city, at a big new school, it just wasn't like that. This summer was different. I made friends at work, and rekindled old friendships and luckily my new roommates turned out to be awesome friends as well. I feel like I really have a solid group of friends up here now. And that is such a relief. And a guess a blessing. But not in a God way. Just in an "I'm pretty damn lucky" way.

One sunny afternoon, I was just getting off work in the Financial District when I noticed a missed call from an unfamiliar number and a new voicemail. It was from a boy I had gone to high school with but hadn't heard from in over a year. He said he'd be spending the summer in SF and heard I was up here as well. I called him back, and we met in the Castro all of twenty minutes later. He ended up needing a place to stay and crashed at our place for a month or so. We got coffee together, ate fancy cheese, watched movies, listened to music, drank wine, made bagels from scratch (!!!), had late night strolls through North Beach, celebrated Gay Pride, watched "Pretty in Pink" in Dolores park, muni-ed, and so much more. He opened me up to the city, and I owe so much of my happiness this summer to him. Moze Jagger Halperin, I miss you so much. We will listen to Bjork together someday in the near future, and when you come back to SF (which you WILL) there will be a CocoaMocha with your name on it.

FYI to my readers (siblings) While that last bit might sound like a love letter to him, Moze and I are not an item. He is better friends with Dorothy than I, in that regard.

This summer was easily the best yet. I've learned so much about who I am and what I want. I'm sad it's over, but I'm also optimistic about this Fall. I'll be turning 20, so it can't be all that bad, right? ;)

Until next time,

Special shout out to my girl Kit!!! Thanks for your support :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Being a Big Girl

First off, I want to address the title of this post. No, it is not a self deprecating comment about my height or weight, ( in fact I am finally able to fit into my daisy dukes, which I haven't been able to wear for about a year. Whadup, vegetarianism!!)

This post is about me being a grown up. Or learning to be. It's been hard, as it should be I suppose, moving away from home to a city where I don't really know anyone. But I'm surviving, and I dare say, truly enjoying the little life I've made for myself up here. I've been working a lot, sort of saving money, I've made friends, I've gotten to know some of the city's best cafes and restaurants and local events, and I start school in 5 days. I have a reason to be here, and the thought of having to leave for any reason makes me genuinely sad. Sad to leave the city that I am proud to call my home.

There are funny (not funny "haha", funny peculiar) moments where I feel like a 35 year old, and others where I feel like a lost child. More often than not, though, I feel like things are moving at a good steady pace, and am embracing the prospects of adulthood as I near my 20th birthday.

That being said, the future is scary and uncertain in so many ways, and being the chronic worry wart that I am, this is a constant damper on my San Francisco joie de vivre. Career wise I have no idea what I should do. Or where I can/should do it. I'm really liking the idea of being a writer: screen, blogs, entertainment magazines. I love the idea of being involved in film, and now and then my heart aches for the stage. But then I make myself a nice little dinner and remember my love of foodie culture and haute cuisine... and the I use a phrase like "haute cuisine" and I miss studying French!! Plus, the Cal State "general ed" system paired with budget cuts hasn't really offered me anything of real interest or personal significance, so I have at least another year of bullshit classes. I keep wondering if it's worth it. And what happens if and when I graduate? Do I move back to LA or stay here? If I stay here what on earth will I do and how will I pay for it??? 

(I apologize for the rambling and excessive use of punctuation, but I just finished a much needed double cappuccino, and let me say, when I am caffeinated blog inspiration strikes like lightening.)

In short I feel like I have it together, on a day-to-day basis, but as for the future? Total crap shoot.

Is it always going to be like this?

On a lighter note, let's finish with a song, shall we?

I just recently watched "Punch Drunk Love" and looooved it. I love everything that P.T. Anderson does, especially the music he uses. Specifically Jon Brion's stuff. It's just money in the bank. I liked this song so much that I posted it on facebook, and my cool former coworker, Ana, "liked" and so did Mikey B, so I'm quite certain that I'm not alone in my love of this song.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coffee shops enable my existence.

Oh dear, it's been another long span between blog posts. I think this just might be the rate at which I do this from here on out. Don't fret; I'm sure you'll all adjust eventually. (If you are really feeling Cait-withdrawl, you can text me and I'll respond with some sassy observation about life, just to hold you over until my next highly anticipated pop-culture-imitating-life-type musing.)

First and foremost I must let you know that I am currently sitting in the second coffee shop I've camped out in today.  It's right on Church, and while the coffee and food are nothing exceptional, the wifi is free, and the outlets are a-plenty. It's quite spacious for SF and I've thouroughly enjoyed it so far. Earlier today I was at Philz, just off of Castro. Philz has fancy brewed coffee, flavored with cardamom, chocolate, and a whole host of spices that I can't name, but I can assure you that they are nothing short delish. I was there for about three hours, but what that place had in lovely coffee it lacked in space and outlets. So onward and upward. 

I've always liked coffee, but since I've been properly trained on the barista bar (btw, my hands permanently smell of ground espresso now) I have become a bona fide coffee snob. I realize I cant' always be such a snob, especially on a student budget, (hello, I'm sipping cheap mediocre coffee right now because of the stupid "economy" or whatever) I have allowed myself to indulge in really good overpriced coffee. 
Blue Bottle- great coffee, but sort of off putting vibe. B
Philz- good brewed, nice atmosphere, really friendly staff, B+
and finally my new favorite: 
Four Barrel- great coffee, great vibe, a certain degree of pretension? yes.
But how pretentious can they really be if they are playing Hall & Oates greatest hits?
They get an A!

On the work front, things are good. My work friends are all really great, and while my aching feet might say otherwise, I enjoy working. A lot. 

Moze is leaving on Tuesday which is so sad. I have to give him a lot a credit for how fun this summer has been. He was such a pleasant surprise and I wouldn't have changed anything about the summer we have spent together.

I'm a little stressed about school. I feel behind in my credits and so many classes have been cut due to the budget crisis is California. Some obscene number like $600 million was cut form CSU. I'm just hoping I get into two more classes, and hopefully I'll still be able to work weekends. Gotta make that money right? 

Any who, I miss my family, I'm going to miss Moze, and I'm going to miss working as much as I do. I know it's just foaming milk for yuppies in the FiDi, but still, I feel really productive and grown up. I guess I just hate homework. But I'm trying to stay positive. Fall will be great. I think. I mean, Where the Wild Things Are comes out on my 20th birthday, so it can't be all that bad.

Here is a little music to end with. One of my last posts featured a song by a band called Grizzly Bear. Well, one of the singers in that band is named Daniel Rossen,and when he's not busy being adorable, he is also in another band called Department of Eagles. I dare say I like them better than Grizzly Bear. Here is the video for their song "No One Does It Like You Do."

Also, I've been listening to their pandora station all day and it's been real tasty: The Shins, Guster, Dr. Dog, Andrew Bird, Fleet Foxes. Good stuff.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Cool To Love Your Family

This last week I had a lovely break from my SF life. (Though things are going great, I was feeling a little burnt out and welcomed a chance to catch up with the fam.) Unfortunately, it was a pretty busy week. Busy in the sense that I felt obligated to spend as much time with as many people as possible, and I didn't exactly get that quality veg-out-on-the-sofa-and-reminisce-about-the-old-days experience that I love so dearly. But I'll take what I can get!! And it was so good to see my sweet little nieces and nephew, along with the rest of the clan. My last night in LA, we ordered some Palermo's (The best slice of pizza Los Angeles has to offer) and had a nice family dinner with the Creadon-O'Malley's, the Phelan-O'Malley's, and a couple of the plain old O'Malley's. Laughing around the dinner table inspired me to write an "OCP" (Note that the "P" is not for "Productions", but rather "Phelan") greatest hits entry. So brace yourself for an epic list of music, movies, books and pop-culture nuggets of goodness. Some good, most bad, even more so bad- they're good.


For a lot of reasons this movie is a bona-fide stinker. But for a whole host of other, perhaps sentimentally driven reasons, this movie is perfect. This movie might be the most quoted movie in OCP family history, and that is saying a helluva lot! I can't tell you how many times one of us will say "talk about weird" and the rest of us either crack up, or spend a good 15 minutes one-upping each others obscure quotes. 

I could have posted any VM song on here, but this one in particular I remember having a 2-buck-chuck induced sing along to. We were sitting in the back of the compound in front of the chiminea on a chilly LA evening,  Sean on the guit of course, and we just sang our little hearts out.

Though we love our digital shorts, I'd argue that one particular skit has become an OCP fave...

By far our favorite essay of his would have to be The Youth in Asia, from his book Me Talk Pretty One Day. I wasn't able to find a video of him reading it live, but this 2006 Letterman appearance is pretty great. It'll have to do.

Though I am relatively certain that only one member of the OCP clan checks this blog regularly, (Thanks, Sean)  I'd love for you all to share your favorite family pop culture memory.


Ohh and here's the song that inspired the title of this entry. I love me some Feist!!