Tuesday, June 30, 2009

blogger's block.

  It's been a little over a week since I last blogged. (And yes. Yes I do hate myself for using "blog" in verb form.) There were a few reasons for that: 

a) I've been working a lot- which is great.  Here's the given: work= money + experience. If money and experience = awesome (which it does) then, by using the associative property of being a member of the work force, we find that work= awesome. Although, when I wake up at 4:55am to catch my 5:55am train to serve suits and tourists their double-shot-half-caf-organic-non-fat-extra-hot-no-foam-lattes for 8 hours and then sit on another train for 30 minutes before I get home, I am not super motivated to "blog."

Come to think of it (as I look at the coffee mugs,  water bottles, and dirty laundry around my room) I haven't been motivated to do much of anything at all. That ≠ awesome...

b) I have been spending a lot of time with my dear friend Moze, who happens to be spending his summer in SF, interning for some cool intellectual magazine in the Mission. He's pretty time consuming and awesome which is also means he's awesome to consume time with. He, Vanessa and I celebrated Gay Pride this weekend, which was a crazy, out of control street party, but also a really heartfelt celebration of a community that is remarkably optimistic and patriotic, despite having it's civil rights completely violated.

c) I'm a little bit obsessed with premium cable shows that are available to watch online. I'm currently on the fourth season of Showtime's Weeds, I finished the first season of Party Down (of the same network), and am anxiously awaiting next weeks True Blood... ahhh HBO. I must say, as someone who has consistently claimed that film is, across the board, more important, influential, and generally BETTER than TV, that these premium cable channels are producing the one and only type of TV that easily rivals movies. Same goes for Six Feet Under, In Treatment, and Biglove. (I'm purposely excluding Sex and the City, because in hindsight, it's not that great, and the movie was terrible.) I always said that I never wanted to work in TV, but this isn't TV... it's HBO (or Showtime).

Aaand I LOVE the Weeds opening title sequence, especially since the song used was written about Daly City- and it's spot on.

I'm hoping to get some time off to visit the fam soon. I just need to keep bustin' my butt at work!!  I really miss all of my nears & dears, but I'll be home soon enough.

Oh, and I found this cool new band thanks to Pandora.com. I was listening to the "Feist" station and heard The Tiny. They're like a Swedish Bjork/Regina Specktor-esque group. Here's their song "The Second Time Around" 

I was totally prepared for a lame/uneventful/lonely summer, and so far (thankfully) that hasn't been the case. 


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