Monday, June 8, 2009

Here we go!

Welcome to the very first post in "State of Uncool." This summer, apart from working part-time, I have a ton of time on my hands, and I'm using it to do all of the things I claimed I "never had time for" in the past. I plan on reading a lot, watching important films, writing,  getting healthy, and exploring the city! That is the kind of stuff you'll be reading about (if you decide to continue reading, that is) in my blog.

That being said let's get right down to business!
I've started working at this great cafe in the Financial District called "Bread & Cocoa." The chef and owner are very adamant about using exclusively organic, local, and fair trade products. It's really cool being a part of that, especially since I'm currently reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, (My new commuter read!), and impatiently awaiting the release of the documentary "Food Inc."
Food Inc. Trailer:
A few other things worth mentioning...
Conan O'Brien is officially the host of "The Tonight Show," and I couldn't be happier. I've always been a fan of the Cone-Zone, and I think Leno is such a hack, so I'm very pleased to see him gone. Or at least I would be if he had actually stepped down. I will NOT be tuning in weeknights at 10:00 pm, (an unprecedented slot for a talk show.) Oh, and they brought back Andy Ritcher, Max Weinberg, and the Max Weinberg 7, now dubbed simply "The Tonight Show Band." And rightly so.
Here is a clip from the season premiere. The new studio is on the Universal Studios lot, and this bit is Conan leading the tram ride at the theme park. I've been on this ride a few times before, and it was NEVER this entertaining:

Last but not least, I happened upon a new David Byrne song while watching "The Colbert Report," and immediately loved it, listened to it again and again, and even posted it on my Facebook for all of my "friends" to see. The song is actually a David Byrne and Brian Eno collaboration off their latest album entitled Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. It's called "One Fine Day" and it's just a solid track. I can't stop singing it. So I leave you with this song, and hope it brightens your day. Apart from sounding great, it has a really positive, poignant message. 



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  2. dig the tune...and can't wait to debrief after Food Inc. Love the site...keep observing and reporting.

  3. did James just comment on my blog? jeez, these generation "z" kids... :)