Friday, July 17, 2009

Feelin' Good.

I like music. What pseudo-hip college kid these days doesn't? I listen to music while I work, clean, cook, and mess around on my ever expanding social networking endeavors. This is fun, sure, but I now have a terrible habit of half listening to music, and furthermore, listening to the same music over and OVER again. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an instant replay of a tasty mando solo, but let's just say, I've been listening to the same five playlists/pandora stations for the last few months. 

Today my coworker randomly started singing "Fly Me To The Moon." A song I love, but never think to listen to on my own time. Then my roommate said she was listening to the Michael Buble station on pandora and heard the same song! Thinking this was a sign, I quit all other applications and closed all other windows. I went straight to pandora, and on a whim, decided that Nina Simone would do the trick. And did she ever. Her pandora station has been on for a good hour, and it's been de-lightful!

Not including the last fifteen minutes that I've been writing this blog entry, I've been listening to this music. Not listening and doing other things, just listening. I wonder now, why I haven't been listening to this music everyday. It evokes so many emotions: love, sorrow, perseverance. 

This music is timeless. I get so easily burnt out on the latest indie tune. None of it makes me stop and listen like Nina, Etta, Billie, Ella, and Ray do.

I'm not going to post a song. I'm STRONGLY advising that you do what I did. Go to and listen to the Nina Simone station. Just give your undivided attention to the music. 

Ok, maybe I'll post just one song...


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