Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Cool To Love Your Family

This last week I had a lovely break from my SF life. (Though things are going great, I was feeling a little burnt out and welcomed a chance to catch up with the fam.) Unfortunately, it was a pretty busy week. Busy in the sense that I felt obligated to spend as much time with as many people as possible, and I didn't exactly get that quality veg-out-on-the-sofa-and-reminisce-about-the-old-days experience that I love so dearly. But I'll take what I can get!! And it was so good to see my sweet little nieces and nephew, along with the rest of the clan. My last night in LA, we ordered some Palermo's (The best slice of pizza Los Angeles has to offer) and had a nice family dinner with the Creadon-O'Malley's, the Phelan-O'Malley's, and a couple of the plain old O'Malley's. Laughing around the dinner table inspired me to write an "OCP" (Note that the "P" is not for "Productions", but rather "Phelan") greatest hits entry. So brace yourself for an epic list of music, movies, books and pop-culture nuggets of goodness. Some good, most bad, even more so bad- they're good.


For a lot of reasons this movie is a bona-fide stinker. But for a whole host of other, perhaps sentimentally driven reasons, this movie is perfect. This movie might be the most quoted movie in OCP family history, and that is saying a helluva lot! I can't tell you how many times one of us will say "talk about weird" and the rest of us either crack up, or spend a good 15 minutes one-upping each others obscure quotes. 

I could have posted any VM song on here, but this one in particular I remember having a 2-buck-chuck induced sing along to. We were sitting in the back of the compound in front of the chiminea on a chilly LA evening,  Sean on the guit of course, and we just sang our little hearts out.

Though we love our digital shorts, I'd argue that one particular skit has become an OCP fave...

By far our favorite essay of his would have to be The Youth in Asia, from his book Me Talk Pretty One Day. I wasn't able to find a video of him reading it live, but this 2006 Letterman appearance is pretty great. It'll have to do.

Though I am relatively certain that only one member of the OCP clan checks this blog regularly, (Thanks, Sean)  I'd love for you all to share your favorite family pop culture memory.


Ohh and here's the song that inspired the title of this entry. I love me some Feist!!

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  1. Awesome. You pretty much nailed it across the board. I do love that Feist song and video by the way. I would have to add Liar Liar to the mix. All of us piled in your bed in Palm D laughing till tears came is a pretty good one too.